in here you will find a few possibly useful things for emacs...

Replacement icons for Emacs


EmacsIcon6 EmacsIcon2 EmacsIcon3 EmacsIcon4

Rounded boxes

EmacsIcon1 EmacsIcon5 EmacsIcon7

Playing cards

EmacsIcon8 EmacsIcon9 emacs-card-blue-deep emacs-card-british-racing-green emacs-card-carmine emacs-card-green

And if you want to build your own with the core motif, some PNGs...

Emacs interlock primitives Emacs interlock primitives


Click a thumbnail to download an icon in OS X .icns format

You can find large (512px square) png's at the Emacs icons project here.

To generate icons for most platforms you can use the free online tool at:

Emacs Color Theme Editor

An Emacs theme editor, with the ability to edit an existing color-theme.

This is based on original work by Alex Pogosyan which is no longer online.